Ongoing/Recent Work

Currently I'm interested in centroidal Voronoi diagrams, real analysis, philosophy of proof, and open source publishing.

  • Open source publishing is the creation and dissemination of texts (e.g. mathematics, computer science) for use in teaching or research. The texts are free to use. Further, the source files for creating, modifying, and sharing the text are available and licensed to allow such activity. I maintain the OpenMathbook blog which focuses on issues and best practices surrounding open-source publishing.

  • An article called, "Writing An Open Text", written jointly with Jim Hefferon will soon be published in The Mathematical Intelligencer (TMI) outlining best practices for open source authors.

    TMI is, ironically, a paid subscription journal, but you can get at a lot of their content using the free TMI app on both iOS and Android.

  • The article, "Proofs Without Words and Beyond", written jointly with Lauren Kutler (Whitman College), Robin Miller (Whitman College), and Tim Doyle (Whitman College) appeared in the MAA's Convergence journal.

    This historical and philosophical paper looks at the Proofs Without Words phenomenon and argues for bringing such mathematical artifacts to the web in the form of interactive and animated diagrams.

  • The article, "A Political Redistricting Tool for the Rest of Us", written jointly with Evan Kleiner (Whitman College) appeared in the MAA's Loci journal.

    This paper looks at the history of redistricting in the United State and proposes a gamification/crowd-sourced approach to redistricting. There is even an interactive app that lets the reader try to build their own congressional districs.